Image UNESCO Artists for Peace

UNESCO Artists for Peace

If for some people like Prem Rawat, peace is shared through teachings and social actions like the Prem Rawat Foundation, for others, peace is transmitted through art. And this is what UNESCO wants to reward with its title of UNESCO Artist for Peace. UNESCO Artists for Peace are artists who use their talent and their influence with their reputation to share and support UNESCO's message.

They are many UNESCO Artists for Peace from all around the world like the musician Manu Dibango from Cameroun, Bibi Russell the fashion designer from Bangladesh, Maria de Medeiros, the actress and singer from Portugal or Frankétienne the writer from Haiti.

Here are a few more of UNESCO Artists for Peace

Han Meilin: Chinese sculptor and creator

Han Meilin is recognized as an UNESCO Artist for Peace because of his fervent commitment and hard work to the promotion of art and artistic work in China. He is also a great worker in education for young people and runs the Han Meilin Art Foundation. All of his work are dedicated to peace and young people empowerment. His work are not only in China. He is known in Asia and Africa because of the work of The Han Meilin Foundation in these continents.

Han Meilin is one of the ambassadors of UNESCO in China and mainly support the activities of the organization. His work is mainly in the field of culture and education. As a sculptor and to express his willingness, he is the full donor of the seven-meter-tall bronze statue called Guardian of Peace to UNESCO on the occasion of the Organization's 70th anniversary celebrations.

Kudsi Ergüner: Turkish musician

July 10, 2016, in Instanbul was marked by the appointment of the famous local musician Kudsi Erguner as UNESCO Artist for Peace. The ceremony took place at the Istanbul Congress Center in Turkey during the celebration of the 40th session of World Heritage. Through his music, Kudsi Erguner shared a message of peace in his country.

Through his art, Kudsi Erguner promoted dialogue between cultures, the protection of the world's musical heritage, but above all his support for the International Decade for the Rapprochement of Cultures (2013-2022) and his unwavering attachment to the ideals of the Organization.

Kudsi Ergüner is allowed the first Turkish musicians to receive this grade but is also one of the artists best known in his country for the message of peace that he shares daily through his art. Music being one of the most effective means for sharing peace, Kudsi Ergüner is one of the pioneers of this art for peace and even today sharing it around the world.

Hedva Ser: French sculptor and painter

Famous all over the world for exhibiting her most beautiful sculptures, tapestries and jewelry, Hadva Ser is also an artist in the service of peace. Through iconic pieces of art such as the "Tree of Peace", she sends a poignant message of peace to the world. A committed woman, she is also the head of a community like The World Center for Women Artists in Amman (Jordan). In this perspective, she is in contact with big names in world peace like Ivonne A-Baki, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.

It's no surprise that Hedva Ser is a UNESCO Artist for Peace. Through her art and her originality, she shares, transmits and teaches peace in the world. She is a fervent defender of tolerance and sharing, values which make her an ideal ambassador for UNESCO.