Image Elisso Bolkvadze named UNESCO Artist for Peace

Elisso Bolkvadze named UNESCO Artist for Peace

"Peace is possible", the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, announces in his unique message of peace for the world. The basis of his peace education relates the fact that if each individual is in serenity with themselves, the world is in harmony. Apart from sharing messages of peace, he has recently inspired millions of peace to discover their inner strength, which was completely a life-changing experience.

A UNESCO Artist for Peace is an internationally recognized program which started in 1995. The title is awarded to any artist who has advocated for peace within the UN agency, UNESCO. The program aims at raising public awareness of the need to establish peace in the world through arts. In January 2015, the American pianist Elisso Bolkvadze from Tbilisi, Georgia, Atlanta was nominated a UNESCO Artist for Peace. This article is a highlight of this talented artist.

Elisso Bolkvadze's musical background

The talented pianist became a UNESCO Artist for Peace in 2015 for her outstanding commitment to the well-being of the others. She attended the "Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris" and the" Tbilisi State Conservatoire". She set up the Batumi Black Sea Music and Art Festival. It is an important cultural event in her hometown, Georgia, Florida. She is currently working for this organization.

She is a supporter of young talents

She was awarded the title of a UNESCO Artist for Peace for her pledge to sponsor young musical students in their education. She encouraged their creativity and backs them to boost their talents. She set up a foundation, which is known as the LYRA Foundation, to carry out her benevolent initiatives.

Elisso Bolkvadze established the Peace Artist Festival

In 2012, she initiated the Peace Artist Festival. There are two main objectives in setting up the festival.

  • To inspire the local youths to dig into the musical field of study
  • To inspire the young musicians to improve their talents and enhance their creative talent
  • To develop the culture of peace and communication among people through music

Elisso Bolkvadze sponsors the education of children from conflicting countries

Being a UNESCO Artist for Peace, the well-known pianist liaises with the field of education of children living in countries which are at wars. Her duties involve giving financial support for those children. In addition, she is also in charge of the well-being of children from war-torn countries by reintegrating them into the society.

In September 2015, UNESCO celebrated its 70th anniversary. Elisso Bolkvadze took part in the special occasion by organizing a gala concert in Batumi, Georgia. The event was followed by a press conference in the same city. Famous musicians from all around the World attended and participated in the musical festival. The pianists and musicians played the classical music of Mozart, Beethoven, Rachmaninov, and Dvorak.

To nurture the culture of peace in us, it is helpful to use art. Like any other entertainment, music can increase the happiness of the population. If people are happy, they are at peace. Therefore, it can be said that peace is in each individual, as Prem Rawat says.