Image Céline Dion named UNESCO Artist for Peace

Céline Dion named UNESCO Artist for Peace

Many well-known figures have worked for peace in order to establish harmony in the world. The Canadian singer Céline Dion is among those who have promoted peace through art, just like the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat. Céline Dion's songs are popular all over the world.

She is an international superstar. She was named by UNESCO as an artist for peace. Let us explore the life of this popular singer, and her peacekeeping initiative.

Céline Dion, a UNESCO artist for peace

For many years, Céline Dion has shown her commitment to the ideals of the UNESCO organization. She expressed her fight for children's rights through popular music. She has inspired people with the values of childhood. Through her songs, she raised awareness of the need to protect the importance of the early stage of human development. In addition, she is a defender of the neediest people.

Through her songs, she calls for actions to bring support for the most deprived in the world, raising funds to sponsor some programs which aim at providing food aid to the poor. Another key reason why UNESCO appointed Céline Dion as a peace artist is due to her contribution to the fight against exclusion.

She is concerned about discrimination based on racial, ethnic and religious differences; but she also finds gender-based discrimination and any other aspects of social exclusion intolerable. As a result, in September 1999, Céline Dion was nominated an artist for peace by UNESCO.

What kinds of awards has Céline Dion been awarded?

Céline Dion has been known for her initiatives to care for children and fight for their well-being. Furthermore, she has constantly strived to defend family values. Apart from that, defending the rights of survival of the neediest people has always been her main concern. For her benevolent enterprises, she has received the following awards.

  • On September 11, 1999, Céline Dion gave a press conference. It took place in the afternoon, at 3:00 p.m., at the Colisee in Quebec. On that day, UNESCO organized a special event to honor those who have made outstanding efforts to promote peace. The Canadian singer received the honorable title of "artist for peace".
  • In 2016, Céline Dion received the Icon Award; the prize was attributed to her for having largely contributed to the music industry. She endorsed the award at the Billboard Music Awards ceremony. It was the first that a Canadian artist was awarded the title of the artist for peace.

Popular songs of peace by Céline Dion

Here are a few songs of peace by Céline Dion.

  • Earth song: Earth song describes the sad condition of the earth, which becomes devastated after a war broke out. The song raises awareness of the killings of people, of children and animals at war. Therefore, it is crucial that people stop fighting to put an end to such atrocities.
  • Give Me Peace on Earth: The song is also known as "Give me love". It is a song by George Harrison. The song is a prayer for peace on earth.
  • The forgotten children: The song describes the plights of children who live in the street, deprived of their rights for food, for caring family and love.

In brief, the involvement of artists in peacekeeping efforts can help make the world peaceful. Likewise, Prem Rawat stresses the need for each individual to be at peace with each other in order to bring peace on earth.